‘Try’ Breaks The Killing’s IMDb rating records.

Episode 8 – Try, that aired last week on AMC, broke the show’s records in the ratings of IMDb, with a rating of 8.8/10 stars, based on 85 reviews from different users. The rating broke the series records of all seasons. Updated: With more reviews from other users, Try went down to 8.5/10 stars and is no longer the record of the series. Episode 9, which aired Sunday night, got 9.1/10 stars based on a few reviews, but the numbers can go down again when more users will rate the episode. 

Try‘ also received a lot of good reviews from critics. Sean McKenna of TVFanatic stated: “You can certainly add ‘Try‘ to the list of good episode on this roller coaster ride of cops, killers and the heightened drama surrounding the characters involved. I really can’t get over how well done this return season of The Killing has been crafted and executed. If it can deliver a solid ending after all this rising tension and drama, not only will it be the best of the seasons, but it’ll have me craving and clamoring for season four.” Paulo Laze from We Got This Covered said: “This was hands down the best episode of The Killing yet. It’s been an intermittently decent season, with moments of greatness and infamy, but I’m glad Veena Sud and her entourage finally buckled down and delivered an exquisite 42-minute long extravaganza.”

Episode 9 – Reckoning premieres TONIGHT at 9/8c on AMC. Eliza Clark, writer and producer of the show, tweeted: “Sunday’s episode of THE KILLING is one of my favorites of the series EVER.” Also tweeted about the episode are actors Bex Taylor-Klaus (Bullet): “This Sunday’s episode of The Killing is gonna be huge.”, Gregg Henry (Detective Reddick): “Making this Sunday’s episode of The Killing was one of best experiences I’ve ever had in showbiz. Worked with one of the ALL TIME greats.” and Ryan Robbins (Joe Mills) : “This Sunday will be another epic episode of The Killing … I seriously suggest you watch this one as it happens.”

Don’t miss the all-new episode of AMC’s The Killing TONIGHT at 9/8c.

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