Season 1

As The Killing’s first season starts, the season focuses on a murder case of a 17 year old girl, called Rosie Larsen. At the beginning, Rosie was missing. Her parents thought that she went to a sleepover at her friend, Stareling. But apparently, she didn’t. As the investigation proceeds nobody knows what she did that night. Sarah and Holder find Stan’s credit card in the discovery park, and they go talk to him. When they reached the Larsen house Stan was at work. Only Mitch (Rosie’s mother) was there. The detectives talked to Mitch but she didn’t know a thing. Later, a few minutes before the cops leave the “fire road” in the discovery park, detective Sarah Linden realizes that there is a lake the the other side of the park. In the lake a car was found. inside the car trunk, Rosie’s body was found. That’s when Stan arrives. Stan went to find Rosie and then when he came there, he saw his daughter’s body in the trunk. The car that Rosie’s body was found in was the Council man’s election campaign car.

During the next episodes of the season the suspects were:

* Jasper and Chris, Rosie’s “friends” in school, Jasper was Rosie’s ex-boyfriend.

* Rosie’s teacher, Bannet Ahmed.

* Belko, Stan’s worker.

* The Prime Suspect, Council man Darren Richmond.

As the season ends, Richmond is the Prime suspect in the case of Rosie Larsen, and at the end of the season finale episode, the police arrests Richmond for the case. On his way to the police station, Belko aims a gun at him and that’s when the season ends.

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