Rosie Larsen Case

Monday, October 8, 2010. Rosie Larsen reported as missing. The body was found inside the trunk of Darren Richmond’s campaign car.

Suspects: (One of the following IS the killer).

Lesley Adams, Benjamin Abani, Jamie Wright, Senetor Eaton, Gwen Eaton, Terry Marek, Roberta Drays, Micheal Ames, Rick Felder, Janek Kovarsky, Nicole Jackson, Tom Drexler, Gil Sloan, Ruth Yitanes, Stan Larsen, Darren Richmond, Jasper Ames, Lt. Oakes, Alexi Giffords, Lt. Carlson, Sterling Fitch, Belko Royce, Stephen Holder, Kris Echols, Monica Krol, Bennet Ahmed, Sally Ames, Amber Ahmed, Imam Gelabi, Lyndon Johnson Rosales, Ms. Meyers, Mary, Muhammed Hamid.




Friday October 5th, 2010. – 6pm.

Rosie ate dinner with Mitch and the kids, and then went to the school’s Halloween Dance. Rosie is filmed in the Halloween dance with her friend Sterling.

Later that night

Rosie is filmed at the school’s basement “The Cage” with Jasper and kris. After the dance, Rosie went to Bennet’s place. Muhammed let her in, she returned a book and left. Rosie took a cab that brought her home. She is seen in 10:37 pm walking out of the taxi.

Rosie arrived in the house while Belko was there. Belko hid because he knew that Mitch doesn’t like Belko being upstairs. Belko heard Rosie on the phone saying: “Adela, I’ll be there”.

Rosie took a ferry named Adela on 11:45 pm, that was the last ferry to an indian casino.

Saturday, October 6th, 2010. – 12:37 am.

Rosie was caught taking money out of an account via an ATM machine 0n 12:37 am.


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