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AMC’s Press Round-Up for The Killing

AMC has issued The Killing’s Press Round-up with all the news and reviews of the show. Check it out!

This week, Mireille Enos chats withThe Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, while the Season 3 finale ratings were up from the Season 2 finale. Plus, makes the case for a Season 4. Read on for more:

• The Hollywood Reporter speaks with Mireille Enos, who says, “It would be so wonderful, after everything, to find Sarah ultimately in a place of peace, but I don’t know what that road looks like.”

• Mireille Enos talks to Entertainment Weekly about Linden and Holder possibly keeping her shooting of Skinner a secret: “If they cover it up together and have this shared secret, I imagine it would drive a major wedge in their friendship.”

• According to The Hollywood ReporterThe Killing’s ratings over the past two seasons have been “remarkably steady,” with the Season 3 finale notching 100,000 more viewers than the Season 2 finale.

• — which calls Season 3 “a great collection of quality episodes featuring quality guest stars” — lists four reasons to renew The Killing for a Season 4.

• Peter Sarsgaard tells the Associated Press that Ray Seward would not hang out with his character in his new film, Lovelace, “for 5 minutes and would have no respect for him whatsoever.”

• Empire Online reports that Mireille Enos has joined the cast of an R. J. Cutler feature film, If I Stay.

• For recaps and reviews of the Season 3 finale, “From Up Here” and “The Road to Hamelin,” check out CarterMatt.comDouble Aardvark MediaEntertainment WeeklyThe Hollywood ReporterThe Huffington PostScreenCrushTVLineTV Overmind and Uinterview.

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Next on The Killing: Season 3 Finale

The 2 hour Season Fianle of The Killing airs tomorrow (Sunday August 4) at 9|8c on AMC. Here’s all what you need to know before:

Episode Descriptions:

Episode 3.11 – From Up Here – As Sarah seeks peace in the aftermath, the detectives pick up a new unnerving case. Lyric is tempted by her old life. Danette says goodbye.

Episode 3.12 – The Road to Hamelin – Sarah places her life on the line after someone dear to her suddenly goes missing. Meanwhile, Holder’s past is used against him.

Promotional Photos:


Season 4 Decision Depending on the Finale

episode-3-7AMC’s president, Charlie Collier, will make the Season 4 decision after the Finale, when the DVR results will also be calculated, so it’s very important that you watch it ***LIVE*** and DVR it the same time!!!! Don’t miss the 2 hour Finale LIVE on AMC, this Sunday, August 4 at 9|8c.

Having cheated death once, will The Killing have an easier time with renewal going forward?

I talked with executive producer Veena Sud last week for this story about the once-mocked show’s third season comeback, and when I asked about the show’s future, Sud, who would love for The Killing to continue, said: “We don’t know yet. I think we’re going to find out soon.”

The Killing was canceled a year ago after its ratings went down in its second season due to a torrent of viewer backlash. Its first season had averaged 2.2 million viewers; Season 2 drew 1.5 million. AMC ended up bringing the mystery drama back, though, after forging a three-way deal with Fox Television Studios and Netflix. FTVS considers The Killing a valuable property, and therefore opted to license it to AMC for less, and Netflix will get early streaming rights for Season 3.

It was a complicated deal. “My job is half creative/half business,” said AMC’s president and general manager, Charlie Collier, in a recent interview. “To have FTVS, Netflix, and us come together and build something that could sustain, when the show admittedly wasn’t what we had hoped in the second year, was great.”

The Season 3 ratings have been on par with Season 2’s, averaging 1.5 million viewers. Yes, those same ratings that got the show canceled the first time — but as Vulture’s Josef Adalian pointed out when The Killing was first un-canceled, “The ratings for The Killing weren’t great, but they weren’t awful either.”

With the show’s new economic model in place, Collier said of The Killing’s chances for renewal, “We’ll let the season end and then make our decision. We lost some momentum, but the time-shifting has helped us.”

David Madden, the president of FTVS, mentioned time-shifting as well in an email. “We hope that after the finale airs, and all the DVR numbers are also calculated, the math will come out in our favor and we’ll get the opportunity to tell a new and different story in Season 4 — Veena already has some bold ideas.”

Both Collier and Madden are pleased with the show qualitatively. “We’re incredibly proud of The Killing and how the season has been received so far, notably by those who were skeptics last season,” wrote Madden. And Collier, who gushed about co-stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman (“I could watch Joel and Mireille just talk to each other”); the season’s guest star Peter Sarsgaard (“It’s unreal”); and newcomer Bex Taylor-Klaus (“You do have the sense that you discovered something”), said: “I think creatively, it’s our best season yet. I think the fans are responding; the core passionate fans have returned.”

The two-hour finale, which will resolve this season’s whodunit, airs on Sunday. “We’ll get the numbers on the finale,” Collier said. “You hope to see some positive momentum.”
In reference to AMC’s affection for the show, Madden wrote, “I think their fingers are crossed as tightly as ours are.”

‘Try’ Breaks The Killing’s IMDb rating records.

Episode 8 – Try, that aired last week on AMC, broke the show’s records in the ratings of IMDb, with a rating of 8.8/10 stars, based on 85 reviews from different users. The rating broke the series records of all seasons. Updated: With more reviews from other users, Try went down to 8.5/10 stars and is no longer the record of the series. Episode 9, which aired Sunday night, got 9.1/10 stars based on a few reviews, but the numbers can go down again when more users will rate the episode. 

Try‘ also received a lot of good reviews from critics. Sean McKenna of TVFanatic stated: “You can certainly add ‘Try‘ to the list of good episode on this roller coaster ride of cops, killers and the heightened drama surrounding the characters involved. I really can’t get over how well done this return season of The Killing has been crafted and executed. If it can deliver a solid ending after all this rising tension and drama, not only will it be the best of the seasons, but it’ll have me craving and clamoring for season four.” Paulo Laze from We Got This Covered said: “This was hands down the best episode of The Killing yet. It’s been an intermittently decent season, with moments of greatness and infamy, but I’m glad Veena Sud and her entourage finally buckled down and delivered an exquisite 42-minute long extravaganza.”

Episode 9 – Reckoning premieres TONIGHT at 9/8c on AMC. Eliza Clark, writer and producer of the show, tweeted: “Sunday’s episode of THE KILLING is one of my favorites of the series EVER.” Also tweeted about the episode are actors Bex Taylor-Klaus (Bullet): “This Sunday’s episode of The Killing is gonna be huge.”, Gregg Henry (Detective Reddick): “Making this Sunday’s episode of The Killing was one of best experiences I’ve ever had in showbiz. Worked with one of the ALL TIME greats.” and Ryan Robbins (Joe Mills) : “This Sunday will be another epic episode of The Killing … I seriously suggest you watch this one as it happens.”

Don’t miss the all-new episode of AMC’s The Killing TONIGHT at 9/8c.