The Killing Has Been Revived for Fourth and Final Season by Netflix!

Call 1-900-Linden immediately because our favorite cop drama series has been ressurrected yet another time for a new season! The fourth season of The Killing will be a short, final season and will air on Netflix. Season 4 will contain six new episodes, and will let Linden and Holder’s story have a proper ending. A premiere date is yet to be announced.

“It’s a true testament to Veena Sud, and the stellar cast led so compellingly by Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, that fans remained so passionate about the show. episode-12-6We’re gratified that our partners at Netflix recognized this, and are giving us the opportunity to complete the story in a way that will be satisfying to our loyal audience”, stated David Madden, Fox TV Studios President.

Following is a statement on behalf of our fan group:

“We are so thrilled to learn of the news that our favorite show has been picked up for a fourth season by Netflix. We want to thank all the dedicated loyal fans who helped us with our ‘Season 4 Campaign’ and signed our petition. We also want to say huge thanks to our favorite fan group for The Killing @TheKillingonAMC, lead by the awesome Lauren Allison and Melissa Maxey, for their dedication for the show and its revival. The ‘Save The Killing’ campaign, which was arranged by the fan group, was huge and took an important part of the show’s ressurection. We want to thank Veena Sud, FTVS and Netflix for their effort in bringing the show back.”

Final Petition Results (‘Season 4 Campaign’):  10,451 supporters have signed the petition including Season 3 actor Max Fowler (Twitch). The petition has been promoted on Twitter by actors Bex Taylor Klaus (Bullet), Peter Sarsgaard (Ray Seward), Seth Issac Johnson (Denny Larsen), Gregg Henry (Carl Reddick), Billy Campbell (Darren Richmond) and many more!

Final Twitter Campaigns Results (‘Save The Killing’ Campaign): Leading the Twitter campaigns, the fan group @TheKillingonAMC has achived the goal to trend the hashtag #TheKilling in the United States in each of every Twitter Campaigns! These events got extraordinary success, probably leading to the Season 4 pickup by Netflix!

Our fan group is also proud and excited to announce that The Killing February Challenge, which occured last year on our Facebook page will be returning this year; that our ‘The Killing Awards’ event, which occured on September 15th, will be returning next fall for a second round; and that we will be posting our weekly Press Roundups each Monday as we did earilier in the summer.

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