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The Killing Awards Winners

The Killing Awards winners were revealed last night on The Killing Fans Page (Our FB Page), where the event took place. Following is a list of the winners:

episode-4-4Best Actor: Joel Kinnaman

Best Actress: Mireille Enos

Best Character: Stephen Holder

Best Detective: Sarah Linden

Best Child Actor: Seth Isaac Johnson

Best Child Actress: Bex Taylor-Klaus

Best Victim: Bullet

Creepiest Suspect: Joe Mills

Best Special Episode: Season 2 Finale

Best Politician: Darren Richmond

Best Villain: Nicole Jackson

Mother of the Year: Sarah Linden

Best Season 3 Actor: Peter Sarsgaard

Best Season 3 Actress: Bex Taylor-Klaus

Favorite Street-Kid: Bullet

Best Season: Season 3

Best Linden’s Ex: Rick Felder

Best Partners: Linden & Holder

Best Lt.: James Skinner

Best Killer: James Skinner

Best Sister Show: Breaking Bad

Congratulation to all the winners!


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