Next episodes + Speculating about Season 4!

AMC had issued yesterday the names and summaries for episodes 8, 9 and 10, and today they have released episodes 11 and 12, which will air together on the 2 hour season finale on Aug. 4.

First of all, the next episode’s summary (Episode 7, ‘Hope Kills’): Holder and Sarah get a break in the case; Seward clashes with death; Bullet becomes a protector.

Episode 8, ‘Try’: Sarah goes missing; Bully makes a choice to save Lyric; a dark secret is learned.

Episode 9, ‘Reckoning’: The hunt for a pornographer leads to a shocking revelation; Holder looks for a scapegoat; Twitch and Lyric find their dream home.

Episode 10, ‘Six Minutes’: Sarah copes with the consequences of past mistakes; Holder wrestles personal demons; Seward is truthful.

Episodes 11 and 12, ‘From Up Here’, ‘The Road to Hamelin’: Sarah seeks peace; the detectives pick up a new case; Sarah risks her life.

After these MAJOR spoilers about the next episodes, our highlights were:

SARAH GOES MISSING, a dark secret is learned (Episode 8) – SARAH GOES MISSING?! What’s going on? Plus, we get to know a dark secret, what do you think it’ll be and where do you think Sarah is?

Sarah’s past mistakes, Holder’s personal demons (Episode 10) – What do you think is Sarah’s past mistake? Maybe it’s her romance with James Skinner? And what are these personal demons that Holder has to deal with?

NEW CASE, SARAH RISKS HER LIFE (Season 3 Finale) – What is Sarah doing? We’ll she be fine? Geez I’m worried about her! And what is this? PLANS FOR SEASON 4?!?! A NEW CASE?!? DOES THAT MEAN I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PETITION ANYMORE?! Just kidding..

What do you think of the new revelations? Are you excited? We also know, thanks to a spoiler scoop, that there would be an unexpected kiss the season, in which episode do you think it would be?

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