My Suspect List


Since it’s The Kiling, there’s always this prime suspect, but we also know that almost everyone is a suspect, so I decided to make a suspect list, to see who may be the killer of those 17 girls (including Ashley Kwon, the girl that was found dead in the beginning of the season premiere) and Trisha Seward. So let’s start, Shall we?


1. Current Prime Suspect: Joe Mills


Joe is currenrly the prime suspect in The Killing, but it doesn’t mean anything, as we know the series so far. We know that he produced the DVDs by Tiffany, one of the DVDs’ girls. Now we know that he’

s also got Kallie’s cellphone, another DVD star, whose mother, Danette, is Joe’s Girlfriend. If he really is the killer, then my theory would be that He is keeping Kallie in some place. We know Kallie called her mom one night and that in the same night Joe left and came back in the morning. (When Danette asks him where he was, he says “I had things to take care of.”) I guess is that he heard Danette’s phone and saw it was Kallie, so he went to where he keeped her and shut her up, maybe even killed her.




2. Sheldon (Goldie) Willis

Goldie was the suspect in the first episodes, and may be the killer too. We have to remember that the DVDs were found in his apartment, and that he assulted Bullet at the end of the 2 hour season premiere, with a knife pointed to her throat, just like all the bodies were found. But he seems so stupid and unsteady, so I wonder if he can make it to be a serial killer for years, on the same path.


3. James Skinner

tk-s3-cast-skinner-590James Skinner may be a possible option for the killer’s role. We know that when he was Linden’s partner, they put Ray Seward in jail for the murder of his wife, Trisha. When they did it, Linden tried to convince him that Seward isn’t the killer, but he wouldn’t listen, and he doesn’t listen now, neither, Maybe he framed Seward for the crime he committed. He could have even any relations with Seward before the case, something that Ray maybe knows about, and maybe that’s why he told Skinner to come with his family to his execution, and also requested to being hanged (Hanging is the closest way of dieing to cutting the throat). But, we also know that he and Linden had a romance together, and I don’t think she would have done it without being sure that he is innocent.


4. Evan Henderson (Death-row gaurd)

It’s may be unlikely that he’d be the killer, but what we know so far is that he refused to sign up to Seward’s execution, and that someone slipped Seward a razor-blade one day (During episode 3). that’s something to think about.


5. Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike may also be the killer. We know that the guy who produces the tapes (most likely to be Joe, but not sure he produced all of them) is nice to the DVDs’ stars, and Mike is very nice to the kids he hosts in the Beacon house. This seems a bit stretch but we have to see where it leads us.


Of course there maybe many suspects, as Reddick, Danette, Becker, Twitch and more, because almost everyone is a suspect in The Killing, but I brought you the most ‘likely to be the killer’ suspects. Stay tuned at th blog, our FB page, and watch The Killing new episodes every Sunday night at 9PM on AMC. (Eastern time)

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