The Killing encores return to AMC every Sunday morning starting today!

AMC has announced encore airings for The Killing every Sunday morning at 8/7c. The network stated:

Whether you’ve seen every episode of both seasons of The Killing or you’re new to the series that The New York Times named as one of their favorite TV shows of 2012, now is your chance to jump (back) in. Beginning this Sunday morning at 8/7c, AMC will launch a marathon of the drama the Houston Chronicle calls “one of the most interesting and best-acted series on television,” starting with the series’ very first episode, “Pilot.” The encore airings continue with episodes every Sunday morning throughout the winter.

Looks like AMC wants to start reminding people about the show, and that confirms The Killing season 3 rumors. Plus, the encores are calculated to be over just in time for the beginning of the third season! (as reports indicating season 3 will launch in May).

Last year, AMC did the exact same thing before the second season started. All facts look positive :) !

For other news: It has been reported that Billy Campbell (Darren Richmond), Michelle Forbes (Mitch Larsen), and Brent Sexton (Stan Larsen) won’t be part of the season 3 cast. Reports that were proven to be correct, as Billy Campbell confirmed it. Our blessings to each of the actors, you were great in the first two seasons.

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