The Killing Season 3 News

As Fox TV Studios were trying to shop the series to other neworks, it looks like our campaign worked pretty good with trying to convince other channels to consider The Killing. Netflix and DirecTV are in early talks RIGHT NOW with Fox TV Studios about renewing The Killing, in their own networks.

While Netflix refused to comment about it, DirecTV said a few things: “We are constantly having conversations about bringing new shows to Audience Network, and we do take a look at everything that is available, but we haven’t made any decisions this summer in regards to new programming.”

Both Netflix and DirecTV rescued cancelled shows in the past. Netflix is of course producing new episodes of Arrested Development, and it was speculated that they were also bringing back Terra Nova, Jericho and The River. DirecTV brought back Friday Night Lights and Damages. Howerver, both networks are very selective about the shows they choose.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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