Our Campaign!

Here are links to The Killing Facebook pages and stuff!
If two or more links have the same number it means the same guy created them.


1. (Me) “The Killing Fans Page”- http://facebook.com/TheKillingFansPage

2. “AMC’s The Killing / Give Us a Season 3”- http://facebook.com/SaveTheKilling

3. “Save The Killing”- http://facebook.com/HelpSaveTheKilling

4. Another “Save The Killing”- http://facebook.com/pages/Save-The-Killing/

2. A petiton for season 3- http://www.change.org/petitions/fans-of … he-killing

1. “The Killing Fans Blog”- https://thekillingfans.wordpress.com/

3. “Save The Killing” website- http://SaveTheKilling.com/

3. “Save The Killing” twitter- https://twitter.com/SaveTK

2. “AMC’s The Killing / Give Us a Season 3” twitter- https://twitter.com/#!/SaveTheKilling

3. “Save The Killing” Forum- http://savethekilling.com/forum/


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