Fox Television Studios Shoppinng the series to other networks.

On this Friday, AMC have declared that ‘The Killing’ is cancelled. But Fox TV Studios said they are not ready to give up on this show and they will try to shop the series to other networks.

This is their statement: ‘Fox Television Studios is extremely proud of The Killing, the extraordinary writing staff and crew, and what we believe is one of the best casts on television. We will proceed to try to find another home for the show.’

But, shopping it to another network won’t be so easy. AMC didn’t cancel the show for nothing. The series’ ratings went down and down over season two. And, if AMC would renew ‘The Killing’ it had no problem to continue the show regulary. Now, if another network will renew it, the process will be like creating another show, with the same actors and same storyline and crew. They will have to get new contracts, and especially now after those two season, when Mirelle enos, Joel Kinnaman and all of the other actors got really famous, it will cost much more than what it costed to AMC. Everything will be hard. But, maybe there is somewhere a network that wants the series and are willing to do that process for it. I am still optimistic.

~ The Killing Fans blog ~

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