Episode 208 review

I can tell you one thing about the episode- DO NOT watch it in the morning. It will make your day sad.

Well, yeah, I was the unlucky person who watched it in the morning in his computer… It was the first time I saw it.. (I didn’t see it last night)

So the episode is mainly about Holder and Sarah – mostly Holder. Boy, he got up fast from what happened to him.. But one thing I did not understand was why Lt. Carlson fired Linden for saving Holder. I bet that if he would be instead of Holder he wouldn’t want anybody to come rescue him. (NOT!)

In the scene before they find Holder in the morning we see that Nicole and her bullies come to Lt. Carlson, they are mad. Which makes me think that thay were mad at him for approving the search team. What if he is the casino’s eyes and ears in the police. What if he was trying to cancel all of the warrants because they told him to? And maybe in that scene, in the part of the conversation, which we don’t see, maybe they tell him at the end to fire detective Linden, because in the end if it wasn’t her they would not bring the search team over there. I think this what happened.

Another very surprising thing was that Jamie found a gun in Darren’s drawer, but I don’t think that it is relevant because there were no shots of a gun on Rosie’s body.

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