Episode 206 reviews + sneak peeks episode 207

First of all, I want to say that I did not like the episode that much. I don’t think that there were a lot of things we found out in this episode, and this episode only got me confused.

The episode starts with the scene when we can see who was in the car that Terry got in when the previous episode ended. It was Michael Ames (Jasper’s father). We understand that Terry met him through one of Beau Soleil parties. In this scene he broke up with Terry and told her to stop calling him anymore. From one of the next scenes of the episode, we know that the night Rosie was killed, Terry and Michael were supposed to get on a flight to Vegas, but Michael canceled it in the last minute.

Next, detective Linden goes to the Larsen house and talks to Stan about the subject of Rosie’s real father. Stan tells her that he really wasn’t Rosie’s dad, but he never asked Mitch who was the real father, they loved each other and they married. At the end of the conversation Sarah asks Stan if she can look again in Rosie’s room. When she looks in her room she finds a lipgloss, and surprisingly, she takes it. I never found a logical explanation to this.

More Coming soon!

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